The cases are packed,
The bags strapped tight
Today is the day,
Tonight-the night.

A sudden speed thrills,
An uncanny breeze blows
I watch time fly by
Ah! The days of yore…

I sense a new vibe, even
Though I tread the same way
The furtive death of the past
Has given birth to a new day.

Unknown whispers call out
Piercing through the din
After all, an era has to end
For another to begin...

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Me: I don’t know what to do now?

God: that’s good, first realization of a true warrior is ‘not knowing’

Me: why am I crying, it’s embarrassing

God: emotions are good; they are natural like passing weather

Me: why it happens to me every time, what do you do when you cannot do what is so important to you

God: because I know you are a warrior, everything has a purpose son, even if you are in bad condition and its up to you to find out

Me: what should I do?

God: you should continue to do what you love doing, that’s what your purpose in life is

Me: After all this failures how do you expect me to continue?

God: A warrior doesn’t give up what he loves; he finds the love in what he does

Me: look at me, and my life is in total chaos

God: the chaos is the true learning; life is all about choice you can choose to be a victim or anything else you wish to be

Me: Should i just ignore what has happened to me?

God: A warrior acts only fool reacts

Me: what if I can’t make it?

God: that’s the future, throw it out, and don’t waste time on assumptions

Me: where should I start?

God: there’s no starting or stopping only doing

Me: this is what I always had been doing, see where has it lead me to, I have nothing that I wanted

God: that’s the tragedy of whole mankind, you suffer when you don’t get what you want, but even if you get it, you still suffer because you cannot hold on to it for ever

Me: So this means when I follow my dreams I am destined to suffer.

God: do what you love doing you will never suffer

Me: that is what I love doing, following my dreams no matter what

God: than accept it that what you are following you may or may not get it

Me: but that is what I want, that is the purpose of my life and I can’t afford to lose it

God: you call this purpose of your life, leaving in constant fear of not reaching somewhere, leaving in constant fear that you might lose something

Me: than what should be the purpose of this life

God: Purpose of this life is to do what you love doing, live each moment give hundred percent in whatever you do, every moment is precious, and everything has a purpose

Me: than is dreaming wrong?

God: no it isn’t but judging yourself on basis of that dream is wrong, a dream is just a destination, when you reach there you would have nothing to do;
When you run after your dreams, you never know what you going to find there, you would be happy while you chasing your dreams, eventually you would realize that although I have reached my destination I am not satisfied, I am not happy

Always remember, its journey that brings happiness not the destination

Life is a journey, dreams are just milestones, if you miss one you would find another but if you do what you love doing, no matter if you reach your destination or not, you will make that journey called ‘life’ fruitful and you would always be happy

So get up, cheer up and just do what you love doing you would always be happy

(inspired by movie 'peacefull warrior')
For Part 1 CLick

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Fresh and bright, unknown to pain
Bloomed one flower, behind the country lane.
With petals of gold and spots of red
It was the prettiest thing on the flower bed.

It had old friends, who had seen it grow
Who were there to care and who loved it so.
Wind swayed the leaves and butterflies played around
A big tree bestowed shade, birds had a pleasant sound.

One fine day it was in full bloom, it admired itself all smiles
"My beauty is so eternal, no one can compare for miles.
The birds sing for me, I am a gem, the tree believes
The butterflies are full of awe, and my crowning glory, the leaves."

Other flowers whispered to it, it pretended not to hear
It didnt even nod at the little girl, who admiringly came near.
It threw its weight around, and insulted the wind so strong
It said the leaves had withered, it scorned the birds' song.

Being friends, they endured, till they could take it no more
They went to Mother Nature, and their troubles began to pour.
She smiled to herself and said "The foolish thing is too proud
I will end its bloom too soon, a lesson quite clear and loud."

The next morning it awoke, all set for another beautiful day
But something was wrong, it thought, its petals could no more sway.
The colours seemed dull, the gold and red so light
It couldnt lift its head up, the sun seemed much too bright.

The big tree said "
You've dried up flower, ended has your bloom time Nothing is forever foolish one, remember these words of mine.
Beauty is a vision, which doesn't reach the soul

What matters is c
haracter, and values which make one whole.

The butterflies will still play, the leaves will still sway

The birds' sing already, and spring is on its way.

If you desire undying love, show us what you are worth

Dont live in illusions of beauty, accept defeat with mirth."

The flower hung its head in shame, it had realized its mistake
It observed the joyous flowers, and slowly accepted its fate.

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Today, I tried to do something I wasn’t able to do for a quite some time….write. It seems that my being lost for awhile disabled my heart and my hands as well, from doing the things I love. I tried several times but I never got it in me to come up with a composition that at least would make sense. Until today when someone important to me gave me a reason for me to wake up today on valentine’s day and share to my friends a story close to my heart

“lets just leave it to our fate, if destiny wants us together we would be”. That’s what he said to the girl who became special to him. “I already have and I hope that our fate would be kind this time, let’s hope this is not the end of everything”

It’s not been long since he has watched a certain person walk away from his life, leaving him bleeding all alone. He still remembers that moment when sky came crashing down on him. He still doesn’t know what wrong he did but something did went wrong. With each passing day without her in his life he remembered the things that they used to do and those times they spent together flashed back, that made it harder for him to breathe.

After the day she walked away he was like a newly born not knowing who he is, what he will do and where he will go. For times they were together, he lived in the world of his beloved. He learned to live a new life by completely changing himself, but it wasn’t easy. He had many friends but still he was so lonely. He once told himself ““I don’t know myself anymore. I don’t know how to smile, I don’t know what makes me happy, and I don’t remember what I love to do…it’s as if I lost my identity.” He used to stay alone and cry his heart out.

He had to be strong. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. He bravely tried to face each day where no one understands what he is going through. Once his friend told him, “No one has the right to condemn you on how you repair your heart because no one knows how much you’re hurting.” He slowly learned how to smile and be with people but deep inside he is this numb creation that refused to feel anything. He once again started hanging out with his friends, he learned how to speak and relish the moment. It was one such outing when this girl came into his life but he was too busy to notice. He didn’t know that it was destiny knocking at his door trying to show him the beginning of his new journey.

She became a good friend to him, she was able to teach her a lot of things and bring back his old self one day at a time without him noticing it. He began to laugh again and that glow that all people who were close to him missed so much, that glow that would show people how happy he was without even telling them gradually came back.

One day, he told her, “I thought it was impossible for me to forget her, I thought I will never understand. I thought I will never be able to forgive. I thought that the pain will never go away. But now I understand that some things will never work if it is not meant to happen. There will be really some promises that will be broken in this life and that is the sad fact that we all have to accept. I have forgiven her for walking away because I know that just like me she also tried to make it work. I know she loved me the best way she could. And now that I have learned to understand and forgive, I can no longer feel the pain anymore.”

He took her hand and smiled at her, “I won’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t you, you brought me back my life, and you were there when no one else noticed me. You were there when I had nothing. You held my hand and never let go throughout this journey. I never thought that there would be someone on this earth who is brave enough to walk with me going to my past where she wasn’t even a part of just to help me heal. You brought back that hope that I had long lost and today my heart is complete when I have you loving and caring for me, I love you ”

Destiny once again has brought him to the same stage, once again its up to destiny to decide their fate. He is afraid that history might repeat itself again leaving him bleeding all alone or may be god will smile upon him showering him with rains of love and they will be together forever……….

(time will tell what fate has in store for them all we can do for now is to hope and pray that fate will be kind to the both of them this time. Fate will lead them to where they are destined to be....


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once lived a boy
happy in his own li'l world
the world of love & care
flowers of purity bloomed where
he was humble and sweet
unaware of the creatures like shrewd
the world couldnt see his gay
and left him alone in a bay
he was deprived of his possessions
One by one lost many relations
they crushed him under their foot
his innocence was tried to uproot
he tried to move ahead
but everytime was pushed back & back
he couldnt stand unshaken
when to the inferno, he was taken
he was shattered again & again
his prosperity is now unable to regain
his dreams were all shattered
his existence didnt matter
one day hell a lot he cried
when his prayers were sent back unreplied
damn the people he said to himself
I will live for myself not for anyone,
his wounds have now become scar
and he is no more sweet but SOUR !!!


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Every time the same question..
And each time round the same answer..
My friends ask me "what’s it now?"
And i say" Nothings wrong"..

Every time I feel a little down..
Every time I have a fall.
Every time a friend tries to pry..
I just say "Nothings wrong"..

As each dream fades away..
As night comes down on this day..
Why does this heart weigh down with pain..
I ask n answer "Nothings wrong"..

Till how long will I try to hide..
Emotions boiling deep inside..
And keep on smiling as I say..
"Everything is fine, Nothings Wrong"..

Everything is fine, still there's something wrong, i don't know what...Somethings missing inspite of i having everything, i don't know what made me write this peom but i was asking this question to myself and answer i got was 'cheer up nothing's wrong'..may be you would ask the same question after reading this....i don't know may be 'nothings wrong'

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SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fucked Up), this is my current condition.
Yes its exam time, last exam of my MBA and probably my life, i guess enough of studies lolzz. I know i have to study, just few hours to go for exams but who cares. These exams are different because there's no pressure at all, everyone is enjoying, we are awake till late nights because we want to have fun together. oh god its really hilarious to study together especially this semester. now this is what happened through out the day.

Tuhin (yest night): hey chintu we will get up tomorrow early, will study business ethics than mergers what say
chintan: what ever you say yar, but its already 5 in the morning
Tuhin: no problem, i will wake you up at 9
Chintan: oh ya my brand management professor has called me at 10, ok wake me up at 9

In the morning alarm rings,
Tuhin: oh who the F**k is calling this early
Chintan: its alarm idiot
Tuhin: oh is it 9, k get up yar
CHintan: just 5 mins bro, we had just slept, your alarm watch is crap
Tuhin: ok after 5 mins

Chintan's phone rings
Navven: hey jack ass where are you, that professor is shouting you were to meet him at 10
Chintan: its still 9, let me sleep
Naveen: idiot its two in the afternoon
Chintan: ok.................... WHAT THE f***K, hey tuhin idiot A** hole, why didn't you wake me up
tuhin: oh god we had to study ethics when will we do it now
Chintan: hell with your ethics, i am going to get F in my project report F***ker

In the evening at raju's paratha
Naveen: even i got up at 1, you guys are too much you were going to wake me up
Chintan: will you shut up, that professor scolded my ass out
Tuhin: we have even not started studying, will go to the room directly after this and start studying
Naveen: ok, 'yar eek aur paratha le aa'

6 in the evening
Chintan: hey i am getting bored
Tuhin: we just started f***ker
Chintan: i don't know, lets go to temple, will get freshen up and will do some buttering too
Naveen: i am in, hey come on bro it will take only half and hour
Tuhin: ok fine, i don't know why i am listening to you two

At temple 7 in the evening
Chintan: yar when we have come so far lets have at least one beer, it will improve our efficiency
Tuhin: no ways, there is so much to study...................................but one beer is fine
Naveen: 'sharabi saale'
9 in night
Tuhin: you told one we have drank 3 each idiot
Naveen: he is already in trans
Chintan: lets go to room i want to sleep

11 in the night
naveen: you two are still sleeping, we are having exams tomorrow f***kers
Chintan: hey you know i saw a dream
Naveen: what
Chintan: we three got E in ethics paper
Tuhin: Ass hole if we do as you say we are definitely on track for that
Chintan: whatever, i am sleeping you two study

At 4 in the morning
now i have got up and seriously i am on track of my first ever E, wow i am excited. i have a whole book to study and i am busy writing this lolzz, well who cares. as usual will have to find some one to teach me everything so i am off to gtalk to find people who can perform this humble act of making me read :) This is what i guess is SNAFU syndrome.

(P.S: please do wish me luck, thats what i am relying on and yes don't mind if i am late to comment on your blogs, i am busy with my soo called EXAMS ;) )

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